Sunday, May 17, 2009

So this kroot....

Horrible picture :( I'll be redoing this when I get the new camera setup. I decided to go with Tooshy's suggestion and slap some snow on the base. It's not as elaborate and pretty as her version, but it'll do. The prepping elf and I actually wanted to start a Tau army at some point. This is the first finished miniatures, so I'm hoping we'll be done by the time we retire. It'll be nice to have some armies to play around with at that point.


  1. He looks great! Kroot+snow=cool base! :D Nice work

  2. Thank you, Toosh! <3 your version.

  3. Frosty ground with a patch of snow,
    and a nice ''toady''green skin.
    Great contrast,wonderfull job.
    Will the snow/winter theme follow trough in the coming Tau army?

  4. Hi Frank! Thank you for your comment. Glad you like it :) And yes, I hope to use the snow theme for the entire army!