Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First finished paintjob (no pics) and Reaper

I finished the Libby mini last night. I'm pretty happy with most of her. I haven't found a good picture setup yet, but I hope to have some good pics this weekend.

I think I know why my glazes were turning out grainy. I changed my mixing water, and now it seems fine so it was either mixing medium or dust in the water container. In any case I'm glad I solved that issue since it was pissing me off!

I decided to finish off my Reaper paint collection so I ordered the last part of the set. It was pretty pricy, but I really love these paints. Amazing quality!

I also picked up an extra bottle of the brown Liner and Linen white. Both of those colors are incredible.

Since I was paying shipping (and probably evil custom fees) I grabbed some minis and brushes too. Mostly Werner Klocke sculpts.
I think my next finished paintjob will be the kroot warrior. He's super annoying to paint. It will be a pleasure to be finish with him.

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