Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sneak Peak: One Happy Family and some snot

A picture of my "Finished Miniature Happy Family. It was taken with flash which is why it's sort of washed out.

I can't believe I stayed up painting this late. I have a nasty cold and I think I might be drowing in snot. Maybe I got sick from licking brushes with 5 years old paint on them. I guess that would rule out piggy flu.

Anyway, as you can see in the picture Krooty boy is finished. I sort of want to do something cool with the base but I dunno.
Libby is still hella shiny in places. Going to have to slap another coat of matte varnish on her. Little melty frosty needs a snow base.


  1. Ah nice Kroot and Libby! The snow dude is cute :D

    Re the Kroot, I did one of those a while back - put him on a nice natural snowy base. You can see him at http://www.slavetopaint.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/10002/Kroot_Side_Left.jpg. Might give you an idea for your base :D

    Great to see you back in the 'painting' saddle!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, babe :)

    I like that snow base! Looks very nice! Love the kroot too. He has that "birdy" look.

    I still have some of the stuff I use for snow. Just need to pick up some white glue.