Monday, May 18, 2009

Early WIPs

Meh. I've painted most of the fun stuff (read: nekkid chicks) that was prepped and primed before my hiatus. Now it's mostly the impossible pieces that are left. That basically means boring figures, very large figures, and figures with way too much detail. The prepping elf does not want to prep any more figures before I finish some of these. The one over to the left is a dragonfly for the Urban War game. She also has a set of huge wings in addition to her huge swords. Do not want to paint.

Then we have my Dark Age Brood army. I actually really like these sculpts, but they are quite big.
I get very easily discouraged when painting large stuff.

I do have some good news! I finished Taryn! I actually really like the finished paintjob and the base. I can't wait to get an awesome picture and share it with you guys!

The package from GW didn't arrive today either :( It's more than a week since I ordered it. I want my crappy brushes, dammit!


  1. Whoa! what is up with her arm? Looks like it's been ripped off and stuck back on the wrong way. Sorry to say, but it's an awful pose :( No wonder you don't want to paint her....

  2. Yeah, it's super freaky. I'm also having a lot of trouble seeing what's skin and what's armor.