Monday, June 1, 2009

Reaper WIPs

The skin looks terrible on this one. I'm not sure I'm going to bother with fixing it. Might just finish it and see how she looks.
I'm more happy with this one. I need to fix her eye and I had some trouble with blending her pants (stupid old paints), but I like the coat.


  1. Hello, my pleasure to read your entries... the pants have a very nice effect and you are right about the coat. Did you shade it with a bit of purple? I am still learning but I think that a bit more of shadow in the face could give a more dramatic efect (she has a big hat and it could be used to give her a more enigmatic apperance with a shadow)...
    Another question... do you mind if I share your works with some guys from the Spanish Team forum?

  2. Hi there! Thank you for commenting :)

    I used a reddish purple color for the first coat. I think that might be why it looks a tiny bit purple.

    I agree about the shadow on the face. I tried shading a little over her eye, but I'm not really seeing it in the picture. I might add some deeper shadows there.

    Feel free to share the pics if you like :) I hope to have some better ones when I get my camera set up!

  3. Here we go...

  4. Heya

    If you want to avoid purple shadows on your reds, you can use some green to shade :)

    But just a little bit ;)